Tuesday 12 February 2013

Journey of Vietnamese Cuisine: Southern Vietnamese Food

Almost every nation’s southern inhabitants prefer the food spicier than the rest of the country and Vietnam is no exception. Also, food here tends to be sweeter in taste. You can see it obvious in most of the restaurant outside Vietnam because the majority of abroad 

Vietnamese community is from South area. Southern Vietnamese food has more impact by the outside than the other area and one can find traces of India in the Southern Vietnamese curries, traces of the French colonists in their baked goods and pates and similarities with Cambodian food.

One of the significant characteristics of Southern Vietnam is the warm weather and fertile soil. As a result, these characteristics become an ideal condition for a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs… Foods here are often vibrant and flavorful with uses of garlic, shallots, coconut milk and fresh herbs.

The long shorelines make this region become heaven of seafood. Seafood appears in lots of dishes, especially fish sauce_the spirit of Vietnamese cuisine. The famous original place for this sauce is Phu Quoc_the largest island in Vietnam. The rich fishing grounds offshore provides the anchovy catch from which the prized sauce is made. Pepper cultivation is located inland in the center of the island. More recently apearl farm was established.

Here are some popular delicious dishes originated from Southern Vietnam

If northern Vietnam is famous for Hanoi's dishes, Southern Vietnam can be proud of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) for its bold street food culture. One of the most famous dishes from this place is Saigon-styled broken rice which is admired by a lot of tourists.