Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cooking methods in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam_an ancient country with deeply rooted tradition_have created beautiful cooking art including amazing and creative cooking methods. Although Vietnam was ruled by other countries for thousands years during its history, this country still strongly remain its own value and culture, including its cuisine. This week I am going to introduce you guys some common Vietnamese cooking method usually observed in preparing all ingredients

1.     Fried dishes
Like most of Asian countries, in Vietnamese dishes, the meats are deep-fried  for a crispy outer coating, then stir fry together with vegetables and flavorings. This method involves more oil and high temperatures.

2.     Steaming
You can steam food in steamer-woven bamboo or metal trays, stacked one atop of the other. This method usually is used to make sticky rice or seafood. By this method, you can keep nutrition for your dishes and maintain free-oil healthy food for your family.

3.     Stewing
This method is specially used for meat with herbs and seasonings. Traditionally, stewed dishes are usually cooked by the earthware pot for a very long time until the meat become tender in texture.

4.     Stir-fry
This technique is usually applied for vegetable, mushroom themselves, sometime chef can mix with meat and fish sauce. It request high fire, quickly pan searing and stir frying

5.     Boiling
Famous for healthy food, a lot of dishes are made by this method because of its freshness and healthy. Usually, when boiling the vegetable, people still keep the water after boiling to make vegetable soup for family

6.     Grilling
There is a variety of dishes are made from this method such as skewered dishes, cooked in bamboo tubes over fire, char-grilled over open fire; wrapped by banana leaves and grilled; grilled marinated meat, grilled then topped with melted lard, peanuts and chopped green onions.

7.     Fresh wrap
This method is very simple but bring an amazing healthy taste for the dish. You only need to broil all vegetable ingredients ( accept salad) then wrap in the rice paper and serve with dipping sauces.

8.     Bóp thấu/tái chanh:
Raw meat or seafood preparing with lime and vinegar to freshly cook the meat

9.     Others
There are a lot of other cooking techniques used widely in cooking art in Vietnam such as congee, soup, roasting, hot pot, curry and cook in a vinegar-based hotpot

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